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  • ❊ Instruction manual for doubters ❊

  • It's very normal to doubt, everyone does it. All you have to know is how to deal with it. And I can understand that this isn't the easiest thing in the world. So today I'll help you doubters a bit. "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."  What we all don't want is to drop our dreams and goals. We ju[...]
  • Don't believe everything you think

  • I believe everyone is a bit insecure about their life, it's not only us. It's more than healthy to be insecure about some things, but the fact is: you have to know how to live with grogginess. "Be brave enough to listen to your heart". Sometimes, it's hard to listen to your heart because everything that count[...]
  • Be the girl who decided to go for it

  • You all know I'm very busy studying these days and you may imagine this costs lots of energy. I think this is the reason why I'm so tired these days. But how to reduce this tiredness? "Fall in love with taking care of your body". This quote inspired me. You know why? Because this quote made me think. Think ab[...]
  • Mind full or mindful?

  • Honestly, I have to say my mind is more than full. Central exams are coming next week so I have to study harder than ever before. Besides, my mind is going through some new ideas for the blog as well. I try to push it away but that doesn't work. "A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear".  I think eve[...]