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  • What good food can do

  • When I encountered that green drink more and more, I discovered that it is called 'Matcha tea'. I always thought it looked cool and healthy, so I had to try it... This is just one example, but I can name more. To save some time, I'll not list them all. But I think, this all has to deal with the fact that I'm hig[...]
  • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

  • When I was in New York, I tasted lots of lemonades. And damn yes, they were refreshing as hell. You should try them as well! So, I did some research and found at least three delicious recipes for you guys. Let's see: Pink Lemonade This one is definitely my favorite. Just because its colour is pink. This dr[...]
  • Organizing a picnic

  • One of the best things in the summer is to organize a picnic, isn't it? Gather a lot of tasty snacks and enjoy them in the sun. That's how we roll. When I went to picnic with my sister yesterday, we sat in the park. Where we did not have internet connection... So, this was the ultimate moment of enjoying life wi[...]