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  • This drink is HOT this summer!

  • Last Wednesday I went to Delft just to look around. I mean, Delft is a really nice city, isn't it? Towards the end of the afternoon we went for a drink somewhere. On sunny days, most of the time we buy a delicious cocktail or just another bottle of wine. But this time, I thought let's order something different. [...]
  • Gotta love Pandora

  • Okay so recently I started to love Pandora because they sell the most amazing accessories and stuff. You definitely should know the brand as well! I started browsing through and ended on the page were they only show accessories by Pandora. Click here to go to that page as well. So many pages and so[...]
  • Let me tell you something about my Cluse watch...

  • So, you might know I’m a tiny bit obsessed with watches. The same goes for the watch brand ‘Cluse’ , that’s also the reason why I’m blogging about this watch today. Sometimes, you see something you truly like. I saw these Cluse watches everywhere on Instagram and Facebook. When I saw them more frequently, I real[...]
  • NEW: Alpro Cashewdrink

  • As lactose intolerant, I’m always searching for delicious lactose-free foodies. Something like a cashew drink comes in handy! Generally, I don’t like milk (nope, even if it’s lactose-free I don’t like it). But why do I want to try this cashew drink then? I don’t know, but it got my attention since the first time I s[...]