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  • What the hell is gravity?

  • You know what subject really fucks me up? Gravity. I really become crazy when thinking about it, so I had to share. Of course. Okay, so you might know I have finished the 'Cosmos: A spacetime Odyssey' series. I don't know if you have seen this one before, but you really should. It is an interesting one. It's just on[...]
  • Why I love Saturn...

  • I wanted to write this blogpost for a long time, but actually didn't know what to write about this subject. Now, a few months later I know. Now you know Saturn is my favorite planet for already a few months now. I always didn't know why, but I think I know now. Last Saturday I did some research for my own zodiac sig[...]
  • My zodiac sign

  • I have always been obsessed with horoscopes and zodiac signs. So why not go deeper into my own constellation: Aquarius. I've been looking for explanations on the internet. And hell yes I know this isn't the most reliable source, but I just had no time to go to the library or something :(. I have to do it with this r[...]
  • This year's eclipse

  • This summer there will be finally a full eclipse again. This is something that many lovers look forward to (including me). For the ones who actually don't know what a eclipse exactly is: no worries, I'll tell you. Alright, a solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon. This means that the light of the sun won't reac[...]