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  • Increase brand awareness: stickers

  • As you might know, Regards Lauryn really become a company last days. Besides that I'm officially an entrepreneur by Chamber of Commerce I do also sell my own products. So yes, increasing my brand awareness is an important topic. It's a bit stupid, but I never studied something in marketing. So, actually, I can't set[...]
  • Reject cool opportunities: why?

  • Lately, I wrote about 'accepting challenges' and 'advertising vs personal'. Today I'm gonna tell you the whole other side of these stories. Because you actually need to reject some cool opportunities as well... After writing two motivated blogposts about accepting challenges as example, it's important to tell you th[...]
  • Challenges: this is why I always accept them

  • Challenges. Some are fun, others less. Yet I'm convinced to always accept them. Today I'll tell you why. I have to say, I really love challenges. They always teach me something I didn't do before. This is also the reason why lots of people don't go for them. Perhaps they're scared or something. But I think they shou[...]
  • Advertising vs personal

  • As a blogger you might receive some requests about reviewing some products, exchanging url's and making advertisements. The last one is the hardest to me. I mean, it all has to deal with the brand and the concept. Some brands and their concepts fit perfectly with my own brand. In this way there's no problem. But the[...]
  • Back to school with essence

  • Three weeks ago, I started at a new school located in Amsterdam. So today, I'll tell you about the differences and what I think this will do to me the next years. Well, in this three weeks I noticed some differences with high school. In this school, I have to do more by myself. I have to teach myself new stuff, so I[...]