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  • Disappointed in myself: I can't do anything myself

  • Perhaps you knew this about me, perhaps not: but I'm a perfectionist. And this is how I cannot deal with the fact I can't do anything myself. My life as a blogger / freelancer is sometimes very hectic / busy and sometimes very quiet. When I got very busy I'm doing all the 'backstage' things myself. I'm doing adm[...]
  • Life lesson: changing things

  • In my life as a blogger / freelancer, I learned many (and then I mean: many many many) things. Changing things is one of them, and today I'm going to tell you what I think about this subject. First of all, I want to say that in my first years I wanted to change things, like, everyday. After weeks, I didn't like [...]
  • Morning person: this is (the new) you

  • A morning person knows many advantages. Why don't you try to become one? Let's see... If you get up early, your day is longer and you will be able to do more. In addition, in the evening you will also come to sleep a lot sooner if you get up early in the morning. Take it from me. Ok, so here are a few thi[...]
  • Organizing a picnic

  • One of the best things in the summer is to organize a picnic, isn't it? Gather a lot of tasty snacks and enjoy them in the sun. That's how we roll. When I went to picnic with my sister yesterday, we sat in the park. Where we did not have internet connection... So, this was the ultimate moment of enjoying life wi[...]
  • Bullet journals and self-designed phone cases

  • Now I can finally find my peace and have all the time for myself, I finally found my creativity again. Let's take a look at what I've 'made' in recent weeks. The bullet journal is a hot item this month, so I decided to look what this is all about. I came across lots of inspiration pictures of beautiful doodles i[...]