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  • Take it to the letterboard...

  • I've seen these letterboards so many times lately. I basically fell in love with them, so I had to purchase one by my own, haha. I'm highly sensitive for trends so yeah, you can say I'm a follower sometimes. Definitely when it's about interior. I just love to be busy making my house feeling like home. Beside, I just[...]
  • Autumn/winter collection Catrice and Essence

  • Recently, I've been to Berlin to be present at Essence's big birthday bash. Essence turned 15 this year so they celebrated it by organizing a big party for big fans. I obviously do love Essence because their products aren't tested on animals but their products are cheap as well. They always got your back when you do[...]
  • This year's eclipse

  • This summer there will be finally a full eclipse again.¬†This is something that many lovers look forward to (including me). For the ones who actually don't know what a eclipse exactly is: no worries, I'll tell you. Alright, a solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon. This means that the light of the sun won't reac[...]
  • How do 'medium' bloggers deal with their collabs?

  • Recently, I was thinking. Thinking about how to deal in a fair way with collaborations. Very big bloggers always can ask for a compensation and small bloggers agree to products only. I mean, that really is fair. But what can 'medium' bloggers do? Because they probably want to review some products, but their reach is[...]
  • Instagram engagement groups less effective?

  • For people who like to keep busy with Instagram, there are some engagement groups in which you can support other Instagrammers. What's this about and how does it work? You might have heard of these groups (or not). But I'll explain anyway. So, for these people / bloggers there are some direct message groups. These g[...]