Being creative in phone cases

I’ve shared so many times that I want to sell my own designed phone cases and guess what, I’m still busy making it reality.

First, I started to draw such cute things. Later, I thought hey perhaps this will look fun on a phone case, so I tried. And hell yes, this looks better than expected! Woah! Since this moment, I become better in drawing and thinking what kind of phone cases really are bought by people. Now it’s time to order some and look if it really works on the phone. Look!

I’m really proud of myself, haha. It looks so fun and cute and omg I want to make more!!! Luckily, there are websites like where you can personalize your own phone case. It’s really easy, try it yourself! This is the website where I actually dropped my design on the phone case and let it print by them. I’m really satisfied by its quality. Yay!

So, the next step in this process is finding a company, which actually can work together with me selling all the designs I already made. Perhaps I can buy the cases and find another way to make them by myself, but I don’t think that will achieve this same quality tho… Well guys, I’ll keep you up-to-date.

Please let me know what phone you have, this will help me during a research I’m doing right now!


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