Be the girl who decided to go for it

You all know I’m very busy studying these days and you may imagine this costs lots of energy. I think this is the reason why I’m so tired these days. But how to reduce this tiredness?

“Fall in love with taking care of your body”.

This quote inspired me. You know why? Because this quote made me think. Think about life, body, healthiness and all that kind of stuff. Thinking about this gave me the idea of having a week full of healthiness. Perhaps this can improve my tiredness.

☾ good foods
When eating lots of sugars you can feel very tired afterwards. First, you will experience an energy peak after which you feel tired soon. Not good. I experienced this many times and told myself it has to stop, right now. And so I did. It’s not that I cannot eat sugars anymore, but it’s more like watching what you eat and when. I started this week with some healthy smoothies every morning and eating nutritious meals. Like the bowl in the picture above, it’s just oatmeal with some kiwis and blueberries. Very yummy, but also very healthy <3.

☾ move your ass
I know it sounds weird that you should move more often to become less tired. But it’s the truth. Perhaps you feel a bit tired after your exercises, but this is a very different kind of tiredness. Believe me. Doing some exercises once a day will let you feel less tired because you’ll empty your mind for just one moment every day. I think one need this kind of ‘mind-rest’ in a day to be able to continue. At least I do!

☾ build a rhythm
It’s also very important to build a rhythm, because it’s very hard for your body to get used to all those different times of getting awake (or going to sleep). Now I’m having vacay, so it’s easier to build a rhythm as when I have to go to school. But just try to go to bed on the same time every day. It will work! On these days, I get out of bed at 10 AM or 11 AM. I know that isn’t very early but I guess I need my rest, so I’m taking it :-). What about you?


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