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  • Dr. Organic: activated charcoal

  • In December there was this evening when I came home from an exciting blogger event and I saw this huge package on the dining table. It was addressed to 'Lauryn Stadhouder'. Hey, that's me! So, in 2017 I did some business with MVPR as well. They always supported me and sent me products which I probably would like. Wh[...]
  • Essence cosmetics: thank you box

  • Last December I received lots of cute packages from brands I collaborated with. They're so nice to me and I'm more than thankful for everything they meant for Regards Lauryn. I also did receive a 'thank you box' by essence cosmetics. Essence is a brand with whom I have been collaborating with since last year. I thin[...]
  • Etos Friends: december goodiebag

  • As you might know, I became an 'Etos Friend' a few months ago. I feel really honored to be one, because I may test their products each month and show them to you guys. Well, I have never written such an extended blogpost about the goodie bags I received from them, but I thought this was the time for change. I feel l[...]
  • Chilling at the parking

  • Today I finally found some time to capture new outfit pictures. Last weeks I purchased lots of new stuff, of course. Unfortunately, by being busy I couldn't show you earlier. Well, what things are new in my wardrobe? One of them is this amazing puffer jacket. It's silver with a matte finishing touch, I just love it.[...]