A unique way to show your fav spot

I don’t know if you noticed, but I really have a thing with phonecases lately. I’m even working on making my own designs. How cool is that?!

So when I heard from CaseCompany that they had a new feature on their site, I had to try it out immediately. This new feature is about making your own phone case by adding a map of your favorite city. Sounds great, huh?

This feature is called ‘CityMarble™’ and you can start right away through the following URL: casecompany.amsterdam/citymarble/. Just try it!

I chose the city of Amsterdam, because I’m going to study there next year. I also chose Amsterdam because I have been there several times and I still think it’s such a nice city. This feeling is even so strong that if I leave the city, I feel a little empty. So sad.

Now I want to ask you: what is your favorite city and why?


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