♔ A guide to Instagram ♔

There has been changed a lot lately. From another algorithm to Instagram stories. Let’s see what’s the best way to use Instagram nowadays.

Meanwhile, I have over 10k followers on Instagram, so there must be something good. I guess?! Well, many people complain about the algorithm, because you don’t get that much likes as before anymore. That’s sad. What’s a picture on Instagram without much likes, haha?

♔ like and comment
It’s very important to like as much pics as you can. This also applies to commenting to pictures. When you like and comment much, you’ll definitely get it back. When you receive likes and comments from different accounts, your account has a greater chance of getting higher on the feed of your followers. That’s what you want right?

*UPDATE: I mean, like as much pictures as you really like. Because when you like too much pictures in a certain time, then you will be temporarily blocked from this feature…

♔ use stories
When you use Instagram’s stories, you’re visible above your followers feed. And when you are you’re in thought of them for just a moment. They probably won’t forget you quickly. Because when they do, they will probably unfollow you. Let them see you’re still alive!

♔ create an awesome feed
Last but not least, create an amazing feed. This is one of the most important things to do. Because when strangers come to your profile and they don’t like your pictures. They probably won’t follow (and like) you. Life’s hard, babe.


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  1. by Marieke | Bluebell Forest on June 8, 2017  11:21 am Reply

    Wat een goede tips! Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat mijn aantal likes nog steeds gestaag groeit. Misschien niet snel, maar dat geeft niet. Iets wat ik wel écht lastig vind, is het bedenken van een foto iedere dag. Mijn dagen zijn gewoon niet zo speciaal... Veel college, boterhammen met kaas en netflix haha.

    • by Lauryn Stadhouder on July 3, 2017  8:32 pm Reply

      Ah, ja dat is ook wel moeilijk! Meestal maak ik meerdere foto's op een gezellige dag zodat ik deze gespreid kan posten. Heb ik even geen foto om te plaatsen? Dan maak ik of een flatlay van mijn favoriete producten of mijn followers hebben gewoon pech. Haha ;-)

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